Down-Home Chili


Baby, it’s cold outside.

‘Tis the season… to settle in with a big bowl of warming chili.   I know you agree!   I believe that you can never have too many good chili recipes on hand.   Here’s the recipe for my hearty, savory, comforting down-home chili.   It took me quite a bit of trial and error to get to this recipe, but the process was worth it.   It is delicious!


1 lb Ground beef or Ground Turkey

1 8oz Can tomato sauce

I 6oz Can tomato paste

1 large Can of crushed tomatoes (with basil) or 1 large jar of stewed tomatoes

1 Tablespoon Onion flakes or chopped fresh onion

1 Tablespoon fresh or frozen green bell pepper (chopped or ground)

1/8 teaspoon Ground cayenne/red pepper (To add just a smidgen of heat: optional.)

1 Tablespoon Chili powder (Adjust this measurement to your own taste.)

1 Can chili beans

1 Can additional beans (Many people just prefer to use kidney beans only.   I personally like to use a variety of beans.)

***Tuttorosso brand Crushed Tomatoes with Basil is my go-to.  I love this stuff!  My husband’s grandma is the one that recommended this to me for chili-making.  The consistency of the crushed tomatoes, along with the addition of basil, is perfect!


Brown the beef/turkey in a skillet on the stove, then drain the grease.  Transfer the prepared meat into a large soup pot or dutch oven.

***My husband is a cattle farmer.   This means I always have plenty of “free” beef on hand.   For this reason, I typically use ground beef in my chilis.   However, using ground turkey in chili tastes amazing, and can be a healthier option.


***Incorporating green pepper adds delicious flavor to chili.   I blend mine in my magic bullet up so its hidden.   People in my family don’t like the texture.   They prefer not knowing it’s there.   When you purée the green pepper, it then can’t be seen after it is mixed in with the other ingredients.   But, the fabulous flavor is still there!   It’s a win-win.   I freeze green pepper (after chopping it) in small baggies over the summer as I pick them from my garden.  Then, I can just grab a freezer bag of some whenever I need it.  It’s so handy!   I also use onion flakes instead of fresh chopped onion, for this reason.

Add all of the ingredients into your soup pot.   Stir.   Cover with lid.

Simmer on the stove for at least thirty minutes, stirring occasionally.   Do a little taste test, then add any more seasonings accordingly depending on your own liking.   Maybe you will want more onion?  More green pepper?  More cayenne pepper?  Whatever you like!

***How thick I decide to make this chili recipe varies (depending on my mood).   I simply adjust the amount of liquid I use accordingly.   I use more or less tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes.   Additionally, you could also add a tiny bit of water to make it less thick.   If you want to make it more “soupy”, a little extra liquid goes along way.   It doesn’t take too much extra liquid to do so.


Serve it with some shredded cheddar cheese as an option to put on top.  In my family, we like eating chili with some Fritos.   If you haven’t tried this, you should, it’s so good!



~Another of my favorite chili recipes uses chicken and quinoa, and is bursting with awesome Tex-Mex-inspired flavor.   Check it out!  Link:

Chicken Quinoa Chili

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