Fried Mac and Cheese


I made homemade 5-cheese, creamy macaroni and cheese yesterday.   Macaroni, evaporated milk, salted butter, pepper cheddar, Swiss, smoked Gouda, Velveta and cream cheese.  Comfort food is the best!

Today, the leftovers became a delicious snack, in the form of fried mac and cheese balls.   Fair food – at home!

The next time you have some leftover macaroni and cheese, you should make some fried mac and cheese with it.  It doesn’t take much leftovers (or time!) to make yourself this delicious snack.   It certainly doesn’t have to be homemade macaroni and cheese, Kraft would certainly work just as well.

I didn’t use a deep fryer.  I simply fried them in vegetable oil in a pot on top of my stove.   If you do this, be sure to cover the pot with a lid to avoid splatter.

It is easy to shape the cold leftover macaroni and cheese into balls.   You can use a cookie scoop, a spoon or your hands.

Roll the balls into some breadcrumbs mixed with 2 eggs and a little salt and pepper.   I made my own bread crumbs from some wheat bread I had on hand.  To make your own, break apart a few pieces of bread, let it stale in room air, then crumble finely.   I mixed the breadcrumbs, eggs and salt pepper together before rolling in the macaroni balls.  You could also dip the balls first in the egg mixture, followed then by rolling into breadcrumbs.

Carefully drop the prepared balls one by one into the hot oil.  Use the lid to shield any oil splatter as you drop them into the pot.  It takes only a few seconds.  Quickly remove them, and lay them on a plate that has been covered in paper towels.  Paper towels will absorb some of the excess oil, so don’t forget to use them.

Note: If for some reason, the inside has a cold spot, just warm it up to your liking in the microwave (only takes a few seconds).

If you have any suggestions for how to make this your own way, I would love to hear them!




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