Living in the city versus living in the country.

My heart belongs to the city.  My heart belongs to the country.  I grew up in in the city, and now embrace country living.  The two places are vastly different.

Here are my personal opinions of some of the  differences between them.  They each have their perks.  Ultimately, I love city life, but the country life is for me.


Convenience: I don’t even have to get out of my car with a drive-thru pharmacy, drive-thru coffee, and curb-side grocery pick-ups on every corner.

Health Care: A city has hospital choices, proximity to care and services, and more specialty care options.  In the country you may have to travel a minimum of 30 minutes to get to a small hospital that offers only minimal services.

Educational Choices.   Note that I am using the word ‘choice’ here, not ‘opportunity’.   In the country, you generally don’t have many (if any) private school, preschool, or religious schooling options.

Proximity To A Major Airport.   I use to live 20 minutes from a major airport.  Now, it takes me 2 1/2 hours to get to one.

Architecture, Museums & Broadway.  I’m an architecture-lover and museum goer.  I love Broadway-style plays and musicals.   In a city, you will find plenty of architecture to ogle over, along with a museum or two to explore.   You will find various theater events happening.

Decent Cell Phone and Internet Reception.  In the country, my cell service and internet reception is spotty at best.

Major Sports Teams and Arenas.   I grew up watching Colts football and going to Pacers basketball games.  Professional sports are a huge part of city-life.

Shopping Of The Brick-And-Mortar Store Variety.   Most county folk have developed  a love for Amazon Prime.  I still prefer shopping in an actual store.

Restaurants.   I love going out to eat.  In a city, the options are endless.

Fancy Pet Boarding.  Haha!  Seriously though, when I needed leave my spoiled dog for a few days when living in the city, it was comforting to leave him in a posh pet care facility.  They had bedtime tuck-in and nature walks for my pup.



Proximity To Nature.   Forests, wildlife, wildflowers, hiking opportunities – they are easier to find in the country.  Nature is good for you.   Nature-lovers can appreciate the country for this reason.

Slower-Pace Lifestyle.   A city life tends to be more hectic and rushed.  A country life tends to be more peaceful.

Easy Traffic.   Country roads have less cars, less red lights (a lot less red lights) and less road rage.  In the city there is red light after red light (after red light, after red light).

Privacy.   I can go outside and not have to small-talk with neighbors every-time I do.

Self-Sufficiency.   If you want something done, you do it your self.  For example, in the country if you want a cupcake, you don’t dart off to one of the cupcake shops – there aren’t any!  You bake some for your self.

Less of having to “keep up with the Joneses.”  In my experience, city living is much more about the latest looks and the latest gadgets.  So many people living in rural areas just buy their clothes at Walmart -which is awesome.

You Can See The Stars.   I mean really see them.

Country Boys.   Men in the country are different than city men.   But, this is a story in and of itself.

Country-Cooking.   Living in the country, I eat country-cooking every night.  What beats home-cooked country-style eats?  Not much!

I Can Let My Dog Out Without A Leash.   Those of you with a dog that has to go out on a leash know how I feel!


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