Your Mistakes Do Not Define You.


Psalm 37:24 states:

Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the lord upholds him with his hand.

And stumble we shall.   Or at least I do.   Mistakes?  I’ve made plenty.  Bad choices? Check.

I know there were times in my life the lord was certainly holding me up.  There is no other reason I didn’t fall, but that he indeed was.  Even in my worst times, when my weight must have been so heavy, he never dropped me.

Your mistakes to do not define you.

Your stumbles in life, your mistakes, they can be overwhelming.   We may feel our world will come crumbling down any minute.  We may feel as though we will fall, and that there will be no way to get back up.

But the Bible says, the lord will not let us fall.  He will hold us up, even though we are so imperfect.   Stumble we shall, and that’s okay.   He is there.

Don’t let your mistakes define you.  Learn from them and move on.  Likewise, let others move on from their mistakes.   We all make mistakes; through them all, the lord is there for us.  I know he has been for me.


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