Why Thyroid Problems Make You Tired.

I had my thyroid removed 15 years ago due to thyroid cancer.   I am well-versed in thyroid disease and treatments, and try to offer others insight on thyroid-related issues when they need it.   I continually suffer from fatigue, even though I take a thyroid hormone replacement pill every day. Whether you have had your thyroid removed, or you suffer from hypothyroid or hyperthyroid related conditions – your energy is affected. What is the deal with your thyroid? Why does it affect your energy level? Why am I so tired?!

First of all, here are a few of the basics.  The thyroid is a glandular organ located in the front of your neck that releases crucial thyroid hormones.  The two main hormones regulated by your thyroid are T3 and T4.  The thyroid communicates with your hypothalamus and pituitary gland to regulate the release of these hormones.   The element iodine (found in iodinized salt) is a necessary component of thyroid production.  The thyroid is part of you body’s endocrine system.   The thyroid experts are endocrinologists.

Most thyroid conditions result in having an under-active or over-active thyroid gland.  Ultimately, what you have going on is not enough or too much hormone circulating in your body.  The symptoms of either hormonal imbalance is unpleasant.

Hypothyroidism is under-active thyroid issue resulting in not having enough thyroid hormone for your body.   Some of the most common symptoms include feeling cold, weight gain, dry skin, heavy periods, depression, weakness, joint and muscle pain and fatigue.  It can be a cause of high cholesterol.

Hyperthyroidism is an over-active thyroid issue resulting in more thyroid hormone than your body actually needs.   Some of the most common symptoms include feeling too warm, anxiety, weightloss, sweating, fast heartbeat, irritability, hair loss and exhaustion.

Even when taking thyroid hormone replacement medications, it is hard to stay euthyroid (just the right amount). It is harder than you might think to maintain a euthyroid level; therefore, your levels should be monitored via lab work regularly.   Fatigue is a symptom most commonly associated with not having enough thyroid hormone (aka: lab levels are high, you have hypothyroidism), but it also occurs when you have too much thyroid hormone circulating in your body (aka: lab levels are low, you have hyperthyroidism).

Your thyroid is directly correlated to your metabolism. In fact, your thyroid controls metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s ability to convert food to energy.
Get this: Every single cell in your body depends on thyroid hormone to regulate its metabolism. Metabolism is the process of our body making energy, and we aren’t just talking about how easily you loose or gain weight. Metabolism is so much more than that! We are talking about your body’s ability to make energy on every cellular level.

Your body’s energy level is dependent on certain levels of thyroid hormones.  Every cell in your body depends on it.   So, why do thyroid problems make you feel so tired?  Now you know, it all boils down to one word important thing – metabolism.     It’s easy to understand how thyroid hormone levels that are even slightly off, can leave you feeling totally exhausted.  Living with thyroid-related diseases is hard – go get yourself some rest.

3 thoughts on “Why Thyroid Problems Make You Tired.

    1. Hyper? Generally people with hypo only take a tablet as they have too little hormone. Hyper means you had too much hormone (and wouldn’t need a thyroid hormone tablet). Are you sure you were hyper-, not hypo-thyroid?


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