Why An Introvert Needs To Be Alone.


“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breath.” – Susan Cain


Don’t be offended by that friend that wanders off to be alone sometimes.   It’s not personal.

I like being alone.  Sure, I like going out with people and social gatherings.   But, I prefer them to be short and sweet.   I socialize, and then quicker than most people, I’m ready to go back into my own head.   Talking to people, socializing, literally exhausts me.   The only way to reenergize is to be by my self for a while.

This is the exact opposite of what an extrovert experiences.   An extrovert gains energy from social interactions.   In my experience, extroverts often have a hard time understanding the mind of a quiet person.   Not all introverts are quiet, but most introverts will need quiet at some point in their day.  We require time to decompress.

I use to live in the city and work at a busy hospital.   When I moved to the country, people worried I would be bored or become lonely.   The fact is, I’m perfectly happy spending time alone.   Sometimes, I prefer it.   Introverts tend to go inward for their creative inspiration, while extroverts search outwards.   It’s a difference of where your energy comes from.   The outward world quickly becomes over-stimulating for me; I must retreat back in to my self in order to focus, relax and rejuvenate.


6 thoughts on “Why An Introvert Needs To Be Alone.

  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog! I saw the title of this post and immediately had to check it out…I can SO relate to this. I definitely agree that a lot of extroverts can’t seem to understand what the deal is with us introverts needing so much alone time. Hard to explain and it’s nice when you find others that feel the same way you do. Great post!

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