24 hours in Louisville


Off the Farm

A few days ago, I was out-of-town over a long weekend, spending time with my Indiana family while honoring my late Grandpa.   My ten-year-old daughter and I drove out, spending one night in Princeton, Indiana with some family followed with one overnight in Louisville, Kentucky for

My husband stayed behind, October is just too busy of a time (harvest season) for my farmer to get away.   Also staying behind was my 6-year-old dog, an American Eskimo (named Moe).   Spoiler alert: Moe will make his big debut later in this post by way of some super-cute photos.

I was mostly busy with family events happening in Indiana, but squeezed in some time to briefly explore the downtown area of Louisville, Kentucky.   I love my life in the country (I live in rural West Virginia), but was happy to get my city fix (I moved to WV from the city of Indianapolis).   24 hours was really all I needed.

Louisville, Kentucky

Okay, so Louisville isn’t the most exciting city I have ever been to.  It lacks museums that appeal to me, and I love me some city museums.  A museum dedicated to baseball bats isn’t really my thing, which is what they do have.  For sure though, baseball lovers (and most children) would truly enjoy the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.    Each person is gifted their very own souvenir mini Slugger bat with a paid tour, which is pretty darn neat!

If you like bridges (which I very much do), you likely would be impressed with the numerous bridges spanning the Ohio River out from the city.  I certainly did some drooling over them.    A highlight: There is an old railroad bridge (Big Four Bridge) that was turned into a pedestrian walking bridge – offering spectacular views, a grand park area, and some really impressive architecture.   It was fun for both my daughter and myself to check it out.  I recommend it to anyone. Here’s a look:

A view of some fabulous bridges as seen from Louisville, with the pedestrian bridge in front view.

Unlike some other big cities, Louisville is a very walkable city.   There’s no real need to rely on a taxi or any public transportation.  Your own two feet should do the trick just fine!   Yay!

In the heart of the city is an Old Spaghetti Factory – a favorite restaurant of my daughter and me.  We took advantage of one being within our reach – it never disappoints.   The Victorian ambience, their house salad dressing, and their scoops of spumoni ice cream are just the icing on the cake at this wonderful Italian restaurant.


Chocolate and Coffee – Yes, Please!

I enjoyed a fantastic (soooo good!) dark chocolate ganache latte along with a notably delicious chocolate chip cookie at Please&Thankyou, a cute coffee shop located in The NULU section of downtown Louisville.  Please&Thankyou is a gem and worth stopping into Louisville – if only to go there.  To date, it is hands down the best coffee shop I have ever been to.   I’m a chocoholic who loves really good coffee.  The dark chocolate ganache latte was incredible, maybe the best coffee beverage I have ever had.  Really.  A party in my mouth.   Please&Thankyou offers a superb coffee bar, a delicious assortment of baked goods, a warm, quaint atmosphere, and a smiling staff.   I must say, experiencing truly excellent customer service was refreshing.  If I’m lucky enough to stop in again sometime, I would like to try their house coffee (along with some of their other mouth-watering bakery offerings).


Please&Thankyou has three locations throughout the city of Louisville.    They claim to have Louisville’s  “best chocolate chip cookie” – and I can see why.  It was decadent, and this is coming from quite the chocolate chip cookie critic!

I actually have my very own, very favorite tried&true chocolate chip cookie recipe that I make at home frequently (probably too frequently).   It had been a quest for me to create what I think is the perfect chocolate chip cookie.   After many trials and errors, I finally succeeded.  So, having that under my belt, I was eager of course to try “Louisville’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie”.   The cookie was gooey on the inside, which suited me just fine.   Their cookies are a little bit sweeter than the ones I make.  It was incredibly good – a close second to my own.  Haha!

Here’s my very own (best!) chocolate chip cookie recipe:

A farm wife’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe

The NULU City District

My daughter and I spent most of our time exploring the NULU section of downtown Louisville.   NULU (“New Louisville”) is known to be up-and-coming as the coolest area in Louisville.  The is bursting with unique vendors (shops), hip bars and one-of-a-kind restaurants.   NULU is a true gem for foodies.   I have never before seen so many unique, appealing eateries in one small area before.   The shops and eateries are artsy, while not being overly pretentious.   Some notable places (in NULU) worth dining/drinking at include the Mayan Cafe, Royal’s Hot Chicken, Harvest Restaurant and the Garage Bar.   Just to name a few.


NULU is definitely still in a progressive phase, as it is scattered with construction and old vacant buildings.   I don’t believe it will be for long.   It’s still a work in progress, but worthy of strolling through even now.

In summary, if you appreciate architecture and/or if you are a foodie – Louisville is a worthy city for you!   I can’t emphasize enough how great a place the city is for foodies.   The city is an eclectic combination of both old and new.   Overall, my daughter and I had a very pleasant city experience.


The Farmer (and the dog)

Circling back to my husband being back at the farm while I’m meandering about Louisville…

While I’m away, he sends me incredibly adorable photos of his day at work on the farm.  Have a look:

Precious, curious steers checking out my Phil.   That was the first series of photos he sent to me.   Here’s the second:

Apparently, it was take the dog to work day!  Moe got to ride in the combine and run around the corn field.  He slept very well that night.

Meanwhile, there I was, just chillin’ in Nulu; sippin’ my latte feeling ready to get back to West Virginia.   It was time to get back home.

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