Seeking a life with more simplicity

“I never thought to find you in my madness.” -Anais Nin

Seeking simplicity in your life is worth accomplishing.   Certainly city-life can bring this on a person, as it did for me, but anyone anywhere can find themselves craving a simpler way of life.   A simpler way of life was something I had craved, but never actually knew existed.

Minimalism is often associated with art design.    It can effect people, creating a sense of harmony.   I am drawn to art (photography) that is minimalistic in style.   If you crave simplicity, try checking out some minimalistic art and photography to see if it appeals to you as well.  Incorporating minimalism in your home decor may appeal to you.

The motto “less is more” comes to mind when considering a minimalistic home and lifestyle.   Throwing things out that you don’t need or don’t evoke emotion for you is essential.   Clutter is the opposite of minimal design – clear it away.  If you can’t throw it out, box it up in a tote and store it away in a closet or basement.   Your home should be your and your family’s refuge from the outside world, so create a peaceful space.

A simple, country lifestyle is something I was able to acquire.   Lucky for me, it was the lifestyle my husband had and I was able to join in.   Of course stress is still a part of my life, but my daily stress has decreased tremendously.

What makes a country lifestyle simpler, less stressful?  The country is a quiet place.   The people to tend to be more laid back.   The roads aren’t constantly filled with traffic and red lights.  City and suburban traffic alone can make you feel like your living a rat race.   Nature, which is known to decrease stress levels, is all around me.   People seem to care less about keeping up with the latest fashion trends or latest gadgets.   Keeping up with the Jonses’ is ramped in city and suburban life, a way of life.  I can say that from my own experience.   It’s a lifestyle that can eat you alive.   For one thing, it takes a lot of money to keep up with the Jonses’.

A simpler way of life… what does it mean to you?

Sweet simplicity




2 thoughts on “Seeking a life with more simplicity

  1. A simple life was my roots! I still love to return to the woods and streams, and the hills full of trees…that were my play ground as a child! I spent 2 months camping at the lake, with my husband, recovering from chemo and radiation tx.


  2. It’s like as life goes on you start to truly understand the phrase “less is more.” I thought that I wanted a big house, fancy car, busy life flying all over for work and I feel very blessed that God put those things in my path but now I feel like a lot of it has been there to teach me a lesson. We are talking about moving to a smaller home to be together and not have a floor we don’t even go to. I cut out social media because like you said it’s just about clothing and what everyone else is doing.


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