Country- cooking… who doesn’t appreciate some of that?! I grew up with my mother preparing her family’s southern Indiana country recipes and they are near-and-dear to my heart.   Certainly, home-cooked meals are a big (very big) part of my life as a farmer’s wife.   Her recipes have come in hand now that I make from-scratch meals almost daily now.

Living in a rural area, there aren’t fast food restaurants at my every turn.   I have to travel over an hour to get to a place that has a good choice of restaurants.  It’s 25 minutes across winding mountain roads even to the nearest small grocery store.   This is definitely one of the biggest changes that came with my move from Indianapolis to West Virginia.   Once I asked my husband why there weren’t more local restaurants, coffee shops or bakeries.   He responded that if people want something, they just make it themselves.   Alrighty then!

My husband’s mother and grandmother make lunch for the farmer’s every day.   I say lunch, however they call it dinner.   They make huge meals for lunch (aka dinner).   One time I joked he has a Thanksgiving meal for lunch every day.   They are great cooks, and I take recipe ideas from them when I can.   I am responsible for dinner, the evening meal, which they call supper.   Serving my family dinner is very important to me and to them.   I also frequently make desserts – I looooove dessert!   I’m a chocoholic and have learned to love fruit-based desserts.   Recipes to come.

I have learned to use my crock pot.   I had tried it a couple of times in my former life and it didn’t go well.   Now I have several go-to recipes that my family loves.   Cooking with the crock pot is now one of my favorites (making soup on the stovetop will forever be my ultimate favorite).   I know early in the day that I already have a nice dinner essentially already taken care of.   The flavor and textures of food cooked in a crockpot are fabulous.   Look for my future posts for recipes: up soon will be Poor Man’s Stew.   It’s hearty, comforting, inexpensive and easy.   It tastes great reheated for lunch the next day (score!).   It also happens to be gluten-free and can easily be made to be organic.   If anyone has a best go-to crockpot recipe, please share!


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