Have morning coffee with your spouse every morning

As I have emphasized before, my farmer husband works roughly 80 hours a week.  Time with him is precious to me.   We have a morning ritual that I would recommend to any married couple – morning coffee.   I make coffee for us and we enjoy it together every morning, typically before the sun rises.


I use cute mugs.   It just makes coffee time that much better.   We are constantly buying different brands and various blends of coffees to test out.   Is it a quest for the best cup of coffee?   Or is it just fun to change it up?   Probably a little of both.  Among the various coffees we try?  Not coffee pods!  Maybe some day, but for now, I am not ready for the switch from regular ground coffee or freshly ground coffee beans.  I just say no to Keurig for now.   You can call me old school.  My current cup of coffee is Nature’s Place Organic Peru Sunrise.   It’s a winner!   I will definitely buy more of it.   It boasts “a medium-bodied blend with notes of milk chocolate and orange peel”.

Get yourself a pair of cute coffee mugs, wake up early and lounge on the couch with your coffees.  Just the two of you.

I photographed some good advice written right on the wall at The Roasted Bean coffee shop in the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.


What rituals do you share with your spouse?   How do you connect daily?

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