Simplicity: a beautiful radish from our garden

Being a farmer’s wife means having a garden.  A big one.  In my previous city-dwelling life I didn’t garden.  Phil had kept his garden growing for years before I came along, so I find my self more of a gardener’s assistant to him.

Digging in the dirt is therapeutic, growing your own food is satisfying, but what I appreciate about vegetables from the garden is theirtaste.  Fresh from the garden vegetables just taste better.  A lot better.  In particular, green beans from a grocery store tin can just don’t taste good anymore after becoming accustomed to eating fresh and home-canned ones.   I use a pressure canner to can my garden veggies.  It is a labor of love, but absolutely worth the effort.

If I don’t can something, I freeze it.  I freeze garden peas which also tastes amazingly better than store canned ones.  I freeze little bags, so I can toss a handful into my soups.

We also like to pick our own fruit.  We just started growing strawberries, so we will see how that goes in the future.   Tart cherries from a neighbor’s tree, wild red raspberries from a friend’s yard, ripe persimmons from trees growing on the farm… We pick as much as we can and I freeze them mostly for baking incredible desserts.  I’m a fan of dessert, let me just get that out in the open.  I could talk more about incredible dessert, but we will save that for another time.

Persimmon trees on the farm
The labor of my love – home canned fresh green beans
A (yikes, awful!) photo of me showing off a bundle of sweet potatoes we had just dug up, ready to become roasted sweet potatoes or some sweet potato casserole. Recipes to come!

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