Connect with your husband, even if he works too much


“The most desired gift of love is not diamond, roses or chocolate.  It is focused attention.”          – author unknown

Becoming a farmer’s wife has been a learning experience.   It can be a job in and of itself.  My husband works on average 80 hours a week.  I realize that doesn’t even sound believable.   I make the meals, do the dishes, the laundry, the errands… So that when he is home he can relax.   Here’s the deal: my husband works in one week what most work in two.  Yet, he spends more quality time with Isabel and me than anyone else ever has.   He comes home from working 12 hours, 6 days straight and still carves time daily to focus on my daughter and me.   He looks me in the eye (oh how eye contact is soooo important) and tells me about his day.   He practices basketball, builds Legos, builds a bonfire, points out constellations…you get the idea.            Being a farmer’s wife means having a husband who works a lot, but quality time with him is never lacking in my house.   Many times I can join him at work- riding in the tractor, checking cattle, riding along side him as he does this and that.   It is something I very much enjoy.

I’m not sure how many other wives have the luxury of hanging with their husbands at their job, but you should at least consider dropping by to share lunch or to deliver some fresh cookies.   Have an arranged time for a mid-day phone call each day to catch up.  In the very least, send a nice text message – not about the bills or that you need him to swing by the store, but something pleasant.   How do you connect with you husband while he is at work, if it all?  Please share.

My handsome husband at work (I was along for the ride)



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