Instagram is my love story in photos

I love, love, LOVE photography.    Upon discovering Instagram a few years ago , it quickly became a satisfying way for me to express myself creatively.   I was let to meet my husband, Phil, through Instagram.  Now, after two years of first stumbling on to one another’s  pages, photography still remains a special part of our relationship (more on that later).   I would like to note that all photos on this blog are my own or Phil’s.

My Instagram accounts are: cineasy and cinmallow.  Why two pages?  Cinmallow is my own photography consisting of a random assortment of whatever catches my eye; cineasy is a mix of my husband’s photos along with my own that are typically farm scenes.   They are not just pages of photos, look closer, they are my love story.   Check them out, let me know what you think!

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