I married a farmer, and it was life-changing

“I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him and he answered my prayer.”            – Psalms 120:1

My life changed two years ago.   Thanks to God, through Instagram, I was led to meet my husband, Phil.  I didn’t know men like him existed.  A man so good-looking, hard-working, capable, loving and attentive.  I could go on and on.  With the right man, and with life experience under my belt, I strive to be a good wife to this deserving husband of mine.

I was no spring chicken when I met Phil.  I lived a good nine hour drive from him.  I had been married before.  I had children.  I had a mortgage on a 3000 sqft house , a leased car and a stressful full-time job working nights.   I ate take-out most meals, if I ate at all.   I had the life so many others also had… they seemed fine.  Me, I was crumbling inside.   I prayed and prayed for a change.  I craved simplicity.  I wanted to know real love.   For years, in the solitude of my massive walk-in closet,  I prayed for God to change my life.

I live now in a modest home in a “holler” in the country.   I am essentially a housewife.  I get enough rest.  I have nature all around me.  I cook from scratch.  Let me throw it out there that I am pro- woman, to some maybe a sort of feminist.  I believe in choice.  I believe in love.  I choose to be a housewife.  I choose to let my husband be the head of the household.  I now have a peaceful life, one that suits me perfectly.

My experiences have allowed me to appreciate what I now have.  The right life for me is a quiet one, here in West Virginia, where I can see the stars.  A place where there might just be more cows than people.  I owe it all to prayer.

“When we crave simplicity, we are not after an easier life, we are after life.”          -Dave Bruno



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